There are many ways to make your party or event go with a swing and we are the people to help you! Bubbles, Smoke, Confetti, Streamers, Foam, Snow, Aerotechnic effects and Pyrotechnics are just some of the products we can supply. A popular feature for Christmas Light Switch-On events is our 12 metre high SNOWguy Santa. With internal illumination and falling snow from his hat, he always makes a hit with people of all ages.

We have two types of bubble machine available to hire or buy. The BUBBLEboy creates approx. 500 to 1000 bubbles per minute. The BUBBLEbaby creates hundreds of small champage-like bubbles. Foam Parties have become more and more popular recently – even on the ice at ice rinks. Always a hit with party- goers, our FOAMboy Compact Foam machine creates a massive 20,000 litres of foam per minute! ‘Bugsy Malone’ Splurge Guns are a hit with productions up and down the country – using aerosol foam cans, these guns can spray your opponent liberally with splurge!  As seen on the Gadget Show!

Our newest addition to the Snowboy Systems range is the impressive Aeromax Confetti Cannon. Manufactured in-house, the Aeromax’s first appearance was at the Day of Welcomes Festival in Waterford, Ireland. Powered by CO2 – bottled or road compressor – the Aeromax Confetti Cannon has a huge capacity and can be used indoors or outdoors. Easy to setup and operate, aerotechnics are a simple and effective way to fire confetti and /or streamers into the sky.