Rain & Water Effects

We are no strangers to rain in this country, but if your production requires a rain scene, how can you guarantee its going to rain! You need your rain effect to be consistent and controllable, and thats where we come in. Snowboy Systems has a rain package to cover every eventuality. We can create rain in the studio environment, and also on location. A bit of a drizzle, a heavy shower or a monsoon, we can do it, and to a budget.

For remote and large vehicle– unfriendly locations, we have a truck mounted mini bowser, which is ideal for rain shoots where water supply is scarce. Real rain is very difficult to capture on film as the raindrops are too small – using different sized rain heads we can make bigger ones that look the part. In fact we can create any size raindrops you need, going all the way down to a fine mist.

A Rain Spinner with Wind Machines and Water Cannons created a controllable storm effect for this Paramount Comedy commercial (above). Rain effects are created by using rain stands and bars, which can be quickly positioned anywhere on set to create depth and atmosphere. For larger shots, rain spinners can be rigged to give 360 degrees of heavy rain.